Leaf Blowing, Removal and Clean up Services

Due to the high demand for the removal of dead leaves, on the ground, from our customers gardens and outdoor spaces, we have added a leaf blowing, removal and clean up service to our domestic gutter cleaning services in the Banbridge, Dromore, Lurgan and surrounding areas.

When is the best time to use aleaf Blowing Service?

It is more common in the autumn months due to fallen leaves, however, it is a service that is offered all year round for many different reasons.  So no matter what the circumstances are, our leaf blowing service will clean up in no time!

Why do I need to clear leaves from my garden? 

Dead leaves need to be removed for a number of reasons;

  • If you don’t clear up dead leaves regularly, they can blow away and end up clogging your drains which can quickly escalate into major issues such as slow water drainage, corrosion, flooding, and in extreme cases, sewage backup.  Possibly resulting in costly repairs.
  • Dead leaves can deprive your grass of vital nutrients.  Grass requires air and sunlight to survive and fallen leaves can block both these crucial elements.  If they are not removed, they can suffocate your grass and create a muddy mess where your beautiful green grass should be.
  • Wet leaves create slippery and dangerous surfaces that can lead to very serious injuries.
  • Fallen leaves can cover up potentially hazardous ground conditions such as uneven ground, gaps, steps, loose pavings and uncovered /broken drain covers causing you to trip and cause injury.
  • At first it may look aesthetically pleasing, only fallen leaves quickly turn brown and unsightly, so removing them keeps your property looking great and prevents leaves blowing into your neighbours footpaths and gardens. 

Leaf blowers V Rakes 

If you have the time and you are willing to put in the backbreaking labour, then raking your garden will be the cheapest method of leaf removal for you.  However, if you would prefer to save yourself some time and energy, leaf blowers are definitely faster and labour free (for you!).  They take less effort and can also perform many tasks that rakes can’t.  

So if raking is more labour than you are willing to deal with, choosing us to clear your leaves is the obvious choice.

How much does a leaf blowing, removal and clean up service cost? 

Depending on the size of your garden or outdoor living area, costs will vary.  But no matter your budget is, where you are and what size of area that needs clearing, we keep our prices competitive, allowing you to have a professional leaf removal service and your garden looking clean and tidy!

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